Here we present a description of each hole on the RGC course.

1st – The Stag

A prevailing westerly wind can really help get you first drive away. But… anything leaking left may find the bunker or the out of bounds and anything longer and wilder may find the beach! A fairly gently undulating but straight hole. The small green side bunker will penalise anything short left . The right side is the safe side here!

2nd – The Twins

A great hole for opening up the shoulders from the tee to hit to a wide fairway. No bunkers except two guarding the green. The green is testing as it rises quite steeply towards the back and breaks quite severely, with a troublesome hump only testing your putting skills further.

3rd – Salem

The aptly named ‘Salem’! A tricky little par 3 (although the hole was named after the bungalow that stood on the beach. It was washed away in the 1940’s but you can still see some of the remains if you pop onto the prom). Your ball needs to be coming in high or played through a gap in order to avoid the three bunkers and find the green. There’s room to bale out left or right, leaving a chip in. If you walk off with a par or better, you’ll be very happy!

4th – Terfyn Pella

A big landing area again on this very straight par 5, that takes you to the furthest edge of the course (‘Terfyn Pella’ is Welsh for’ furthest limit’). The danger areas here are the bunker tucked away to the right of the fairway, the thick rough running to the left and the tricky bunker left greenside that will act as a magnet to any ball heading that way. A generous green with some subtle breaks.

5th – Nellie’s

A slight dog leg left, usually into the wind. You’ll need to be accurate from the tee in order to avoid the out of bounds to the left or the hollow to the right. The only two bunkers are green side and the right one is deep! The generous sized green slopes towards the coast road. This makes the approach shot extra tricky if the pin is leftside.

6th – The Dog Leg

If you’re feeling brave and have the length you may be tempted into cutting the corner on ‘The Dog Leg’, as the green can be reachable for long hitters. Anything wayward and left will end up in some of the most penal rough on the course and two fairway bunkers are waiting to catch any loose shots. There’s lots of room right leaving a straight shot in to a compact green that rises front to back.

7th – The Road Hole

Four bunkers protect the green which rises quite steeply front to back. Being too long here will leave you with a tricky shot back. There’s plenty of bale-out room surrounding the green, but overly wild shots will find lush rough left and deep wispy rough right. Find the gap between the bunkers with you tee shot and you might just see your ball roll up close to the flag!

8th – The Rugby

This is the classic tricky par 4 into a prevailing wind that James Braid was famous for. A big landing area may tempt you to ‘go for it’ with your drive. Be aware, out of bounds lies to the right! The only bunker on the hole guards the left of a large green so coming in from the right is always a safe play.

9th – Ianto

A long straight hole, with great views of the Snowdonia Range in the distance. A wide fairway and most of the rough is fairly forgiving. The dangers are the out of bounds left and the two fairway bunkers waiting to catch any low scuttlers. You’ll be hitting into a large green. To the right is a deep bunker and right of that some very long rough so you may find left is best especially when the pin is tucked in behind that deep bunker.

10th – Sea View

Don’t be lulled into thinking you are just playing the 1st hole again! The tees are now set further back bringing the left hand bunker much more into play. The fairway bunker about 80 yards from the green can also prove troublesome. There’s also rough to clear off each tee. The men’s tee is lies within feet of the prom which brings the out of bounds scarily close! However, find the fairway and you’re left with a straightforward shot to a fairly flat putting surface.

11th – The Pump House

Both tees are set slightly forward from the 2nd. No fairway bunkers and lots of room. Left side is often a good choice as even the rough is very light and offers an angle into the green that takes the deep right hand green bunker out of play. You will particularly enjoy watching your ball if it catches the rise at the hump at the back of the green and then slowly rolls back ever closer to the flagstick!

12th – To The Beach

A demanding par 3. You’ll either be teeing off from next to the prom (ladies) or from the internal out of bounds to the right (men). For either, it’s a case of making the right club choice and picking the right landing spot. The large bunker just in front of the green is definitely one to avoid!

13th – The Long Walk

Both sets of tees are now closer to the green and the tee angle is slightly changed from the 4th but the hole still deserves the name ‘The Long Walk’. A wide fairway really encourages a big drive especially if it’s downwind. Generally, the more penal rough lies to the left although the large hollow right can be a problem.

14th – Nellie’s

‘Nellie’s’ (named after the lady who lived in the end bungalow) is another hole that needs you to pick your spot from the tee… and stick to it! There’s out of bounds left and that troublesome hollow right (shared with the 13th). Find the fairway and there’s lots of run to be had here as this tends to be the driest part of the course.

15th – The Dog Leg

From the yellow tee, this hole is almost a replica of the 6th, although for the red tee is set much further back. There’s a lot of fairway to land on if you clear the long hump that crosses the hole… but check your distance as you don’t want to be going into trouble with a big drive. If you stay out of the strategically placed bunkers, a nice receptive green awaits.

16th – The Flick

With both tees a little left of their 7th hole locations, you’ll find a bigger gap between the two front bunkers into the green. Very wild left or right will find rough. Find the green and a front pin position can really set you up nicely for a birdie… or even better!

17th – One From Home

The elevated tees here create another opportunity to ‘crack one away’ onto a really wide fairway. The right side internal out of bounds comes much more into play and the rough next to it is thick. The only bunker is greenside. A generous sized green with some tricky breaks needing your full attention.

18th – Jimmy’s

With the red and yellow tees moved up about 50 yards from the 9th hole, you’ll still be left with lots of fairway and fairly light rough. The out of bounds left however will catch any wild hooks. Find the large approachable green (just don’t be long as out of bounds is close by) and hopefully it will be a one putt to round off your game.