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RHYL GOLF CLUB STATEMENT   |   27th Sept 2021


We have very recently discovered that the AWEL Y MOR Offshore Wind Farm project has created a new and real threat to the existence of Rhyl Golf Club. Having successfully navigated the recent issues from the Sea Defence programme, this new challenge will pose a more definite end to the Club as we know it. From recent meetings, conducted by representatives of the Golf Club and AWEL Y MOR, two options have been put forward:

  • Plan A: AWEL Y MOR want to place two “transition jointing boxes” on two 20 metre by 5 metre concrete slabs in the middle of the course (across the 4th, 5th & 6th fairways). The construction, although not too unsightly when completed, will require access rights and with this being a National Significant Infrastructure Project, will have rights over the land with constant disruption.
  • Plan B: Similar to the above but placed half a mile inland on the other side of the Lyons Robin Hood camp and railway line by the Dyserth Bends.

Obviously, Plan B would mean that the Golf Club would just need to contend with the Sea Defence work and we can play golf around this limited disruption. For AWEL Y MOR, this would mean possibly more cost and some logistics challenges but not insurmountable for them.

The work for Plan A plus the Sea Defence work would mean continued disruption for up to 6 years. It would mean closure of the course for their works to be safely undertaken. The course would be unplayable and alternatives for our existing Members would need to be sought. This, in reality, would just be unsustainable for Rhyl Golf Club and we would see no viable future, especially as the lease we have been given is for a limited time beyond this.

This AWEL Y MOR Plan A is a real and serious risk for us, which will have a huge impact on the community, our history, the local wildlife and ultimately, the Members. Only through a concerted awareness campaign and pressure can we generate a brake, for Plan B to be given greater consideration and for it to be taken up, saving Rhyl Golf Club.

What can we do?

There are a few options; we will look to make the local community and through local media, raise the issues and keep this front and centre. We will lobby our Welsh and National Government representatives to gain their support. We also have the opportunity to provide feedback and to object to their Plan A (our future!). We ask and urge that you follow the link and complete the short form before the close date of the 10th October to provide your concerns at the loss of Rhyl Golf Club. Here’s the link… 

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